Discover The Importance of Tenant Insurance

While, as the owner of your building, you surely have insurance for your property, do you know many of your tenants have insurance on their possessions? Some tenants believe that your insurance will cover their belongings in the event of a fire, flood, or theft. It’s wise to educate your tenants about rental insurance and how it can protect them, not only because it helps them stay secure, but it can avoid some headaches for you as well.

How to Steadily Increase Your Property’s Income

Regularly considering how to make the most income from your properties will keep your investments healthy and growing. Landlords are always looking for new solutions to either cut their costs or provide more value to their tenants (and thus, charge them more). At Central Erin Property Management, our experience has taught us that there are a few great ways to increase property income over time.

3 Tips for Improving Tenant Retention

Holding onto great tenants is a must for successful property owners. Improving tenant retention saves you the hassle of looking for another tenant, reduces the costs of having a vacancy, and eliminates the costs of marketing your unit. Plus, if you have a tenant who communicates well and cares for the property, it can go a long way to keeping your investment in good shape. It’s well worth your time to figure out how to keep these quality tenants.

Choose Your Next Tenant with Confidence

At Central Erin Property Management we have a lot of experience choosing tenants. Whether you’ve never selected a tenant before, or have filled more apartments than you can count, there’s always room to refine the process and make better judgments. After all, choosing a tenant is a critical skill. Picking a stable, financially secure person will ensure your property remains full and safe for the term of the lease. Here are our tips on how you can choose your next tenant with confidence.

Avoid Holiday Fires in Your Rental Property

The holiday season brings out the best in tenants and building owners alike, which is why it’s important to work together to reduce the risks of a holiday fire. Unfortunately, fires are more common this time of year, partly due to cooking holiday meals and décor choices.

How can you ensure your tenants stay safe? Here are our tips to avoid a holiday fire in your property.

3 Energy Saving Tips for Your Rental Property

As a property owner, you will likely feel a duty this winter to keep your tenants warm and happy. On the other hand, you probably also feel a responsibility to not waste energy. How do you save energy as a property owner, keep your utility costs low, and keep your tenants happy?

Everything You Need to Know About Condo Reserve Funds

It is mandatory that your condominium collects reserve funds. How much should your director be collecting for the fund? Further, what can those funds be used for? We’ll discuss everything you need to know about condo reserve funds.

Preventing & Addressing Property Maintenance

From time to time, every property needs regular upkeep and repair. When important items are left unattended it'll begin to underperform and lose its functionality, leaving your tenants unhappy and dissatisfied. So how do you prevent maintenance problems in the first place?

How Often Can Landlords Perform Inspections?

Balancing your ability to inspect your property and your tenant’s right to privacy can be a challenging task. A smart landlord will do their best to abide by the law but to also make their tenant feel trusted and comfortable. We’ve become very familiar with Ontario laws and made it easy for landlords to best inspect their property.

Property Management Fees: What You Need to Know

When you’re looking for a property management firm to manage your investment, you may be curious about regulations and associated fees – specifically what they cover and the total costs. Take a look at our property management services and breakdown fees and see what works best for you.