Bill 106 - ACMO Video Series

Bill 106 – ACMO Update (Video Series)

With Bill 106 receiving royal assent on December 3, 2015, there is great anticipation of how this much anticipated, long overdue piece of legislation will be implemented.

The following educational videos were created by ACMO (Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario) to provide expert opinions on each of the focus areas within Bill 106, the Protecting Condominium Owners Act.

·         Introduction to Bill 106 – presented by Armand Conant 

·         Governance – presented by Armand Conant 

·         Finances – presented by Armand Conant 

·         Dispute Resolution – presented by Chris Jaglowitz 

·         Management Licensing – presented by Dean McCabe 

·         Consumer Protection – presented by Chris Jaglowitz 


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