Providing exemplary service to our customers, through pro-active management, and seeking new and innovative ways to maximize real estate values is what we aspire to.


Passion for our clients, employee development, teamwork & collaboration, communication, integrity and accountability, are the principles that guide us.



  • Detailed budgeting
  • Monthly financial statements and analysis
  • Maintenance fees collected
  • Auditor package preparation
  • Advanced investment planning
  • Insurance coverage handling
  • Employee reviews and ongoing training
  • Union negotiating and so much more.
property manager with property management documents


  • Function as project manager
  • Tenders all contracts on behalf of the corporation.
  • Specialty projects and/or projects of large magnitude are handled through third party engineers, architects or interior designers.


  • On-staff Lawyer and Para-legal
  • Evictions are processed quickly and professionally
  • When required, access to law firms who specialize in Commercial, Condominium and Real Estate Law.
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  • Monthly management reports highlighting the status of all outstanding issues from previous meetings, details any issues that require attention and approval, provides a financial reporting including a full general ledger, trial balance, reconciled bank statement, as well as all building inspection reports that were conducted during the month.
  • Our team members are trained at providing exemplary service.
  • We are actively involved in the support and ongoing training of all CEPM's employee's, ensuring that they adhere to the most up to date Federal, Provincial and Municipal legislation.
  • Our policy manual defines strict compliance with the Ontario Human Rights Code, working conditions, Health and Safety issues, list the other items within the Employee Handbook.


  • Calls are answered by staff personnel during business hours
  • After hours and weekend emergency telephone service
  • Routine inspections and follow ups are conducted, documented and available for review on our client web-portal, 24/7.
  • All after hours calls are triaged through a dedicated call centre.
  • A fully automated tracking system allows for review of all issues, and are linked to the resident/tenant file for the entire team to review for future reference.   



  • Full access to our secure web portal where notices and events are stored for easy reference.
  • Monthly Newsletters.
  • Welcoming Booklets are created so that everyone can benefit from values that have been created for each property.
  • Regularly scheduled site meetings with Residents/Tenants.


  • Retain and supervise all maintenance trades
  • Set up routine, ongoing preventative program
  • Supervises and monitor all trades and suppliers.
  • Monthly inspections are completed by a senior manager


  • Ensure compliance with Fire Marshall Office
  • Training of Staff and Residents/Tenants regarding fire code regulations;
  • Emergency Action Plan specifically designed for each site;
  • WHIMS Training & Compliance;
  • Training & Education for Building Employees;
  • Spring & Winterization Programs;
  • Fire Safety Plans, Quarterly Fire Drills and oversight in line with site specific Approved Fire Safety Plans;
  • ULC rated monitoring;
  • 24 hour Personal Emergency Services;
  • implementation of Government Regulations as they Apply to the Property; and,
  • Privacy Policy & Video Surveillance Policy;
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