Condo property management IN SOUTHERN ONTARIO

When you choose CEPM, we want you to know that you are in good hands. From operational checklists to highly detailed property reports with photos and explanations, we keep our clients up to date on EVERYTHING that we are managing for them.

Condo Property Management




Newsletters - Our regular newsletters include a calendar of events to keep everything on track and accounted for.

Monthly Blog Articles - We regularly keep our website updated with new articles related to property management and the questions/concerns that many of our clients have. You can subscribe to our blog for FREE right here!

Regularly Scheduled Email Blasts - We typically deploy 4-5 email blasts per month to keep our clientele up to date.

Private Facebook Groups for Residents - With 1 billion monthly users, Facebook is a great way to stay in touch. We offer private, closed Facebook groups to the residents of our properties where they can read the latest news about their buildings, interact with other residents and participate in private discussions affecting their shared property.

Web portal - We have digitized almost all of our internal processes. Board members and owners can login through our secure web portal to request building maintenance services, corporation documents and other pertinent information such as building drawings and more!

Custom-built webpage for your property on CEPM website - We add a unique webpage to our website for every property that we manage. This makes it very easy for managers, board members and residents to get in touch with us. Your property page will also serve as a showcase to potential new buyers and residents!

Personal Touch - Technology is great, but sometimes nothing beats interacting with a real person. Got something on your mind? There is always someone ready and waiting to assist our clients at the other end of the phone. We are also proud to offer scheduled, "Meet the Manager" events where residents can speak one-on-one with their property manager. Additionally, residents can make appointments for our team to come to their home to chat at a convenient time.


Custom Designed Property Management Software - Our custom software allows us to ensure a team approach is maintained for all sites by making all unit info available to the entire CEPM team


Your Welcoming Booklet - We provide a welcoming booklet to all of the properties that we manage that showcases the property, including do's and dont's policies and procedures.

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