What are the common causes of toilet problems?

modern steel and white bathroom in new property

When it comes to the common causes of toilet repair problems—there are a few worst offenders. These menacing toilet-clogging, bathroom-leaking, noisy issues prey on the vulnerability of your bathroom’s highest-traffic area, your toilet—an element that literally gets sat on multiple times a day.

The most common problem with toilets is foreign objects. From keys to phones, hairbrushes and toothbrushes, you would be amazed what can get trapped in your toilet.

Another common issue relates to the normal wear of toilet parts. From toilet flappers, to overflow tubes, gaskets, seals, and wax rings. These worn parts lead to leaks, and the dreaded ‘hissing’ sound after the toilet has been flushed.

In cities with harder water, mineral buildup, over time, will restrict water flow, and cause blockage, leading to toilet bowls emptying slower than usual, and effectively reducing the efficiency of the flush.

Have you ever wondered about that phantom flush, when your toilet begins to take a life of its own, unintentionally flushes or has a momentary re-fill? The most common cause is a faulty or damaged flapper. Luckily, it’s one of the easiest fixes a condo owner can fix on their own.

The rocking toilet is caused when the toilet is uneven to the floor, typically caused when the bolts which secure the toilet to the floor have become loose. If you have a situation where the toilet continues to rock, and the bolts are secure, you have an issue with your floor.

With a typical home consuming 260 litres of water a day, as much as a third is comprised of flushing a toilet, so maintaining your toilet could save you from flushing money down the drain.

In most condominiums, the toilet is the responsibility of the owner. If you are unclear, best to check your declarations, by-laws, and consult with your condominium property management company.