3 Considerations when renovating your bathroom space.

newly renovated bathroom

Renovating your condo unit can be a great way to improve its value on the current market.

Upgraded bathrooms tend to hold their value especially well. Condo buyers are searching for that new and durable appeal within their property’s bathroom space and sellers can help maximize their returns with quality renovation work. However, renovating your condo can be more involved than you may think.

Your condominium will have rules and regulations that speak to the process you will need to undertake. You should check with your condominium property management company for direction. Upgrading your bathroom may have an impact on other units within the building, so this initial step will help save you time and money, as they will be able to tell you what can or cannot be done.

In some instances, riser lines, drain lines or even structural walls may prohibit a design you had in mind. Don’t be surprised when your board requires your confirmation that licensed trades are used, and a building permit is applied for. This is for the protection of not only you, but all the other owners in the building.

The design of your new bathroom should also speak to the trends of the day. Gone are the days of bathtubs that were installed in every bathroom. Instead, the space conscious condo today looks to count every square foot, so the removal of a bathtub with a modern walk-in shower system is now considered the norm.

Many new systems come with elaborate shower heads, and with glass panels and doors, can make your bathroom a truly open bathroom environment.

Many bathrooms do not have the benefit of natural light, and coupled with their smaller size, achieving optimal lighting can be challenging, so selecting the right style of lighting is extremely important.

Within the bathroom area, bright lighting should only be utilized to frame mirrors and other important features. Ceiling lights should have a dimmer option to ensure a customized bathroom lighting experience. 

Choose carefully when upgrading your condominium bathroom. There might be options that seem ideal at first but then cause lasting issues later in the process. Consult with an expert, hire a reputable contractor, and ensure that you’ve spoken with your condominium property management company, so you know what process you will need to follow in order to not violate any corporation rules.