Top Tips For Condo Board Members

Condo board members hold a lot of property management responsibility. They play a large role in ensuring that their residents enjoy a great lifestyle by providing effective leadership, guaranteeing financial stability and fostering a sense of community. These helpful tips for condominium board members will help your board take on all responsibility without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.
Community is most important
As a condominium board member you must remember that the community comes first. This means abandoning your personal interests and keeping what is best for the community at the forefront. By putting the community first, you are demonstrating that you are accountable and dedicated to your constituents, which will result in happy condominium residents (which is the true indicator of success for any condo board).
Partner with your property manager
It is very important to foster a positive relationship with your condominium’s property manager. Board members and property managers have distinct functions for the condominium. While board members create and make decisions about policies, property managers ensure these policies are enforced while overseeing operational duties. Since these roles complement each other, it is ideal if board members and property managers view each other as partners working towards a common goal.
Don’t procrastinate on issues
When times are busy, it is easy to slip into a pattern of procrastination. Eventually, procrastination will catch up with your duties and deadlines making you more stressed and general unhappiness among your residents. Great board members will address their community member’s concerns as soon as possible, and if they are unable to fix the issue immediately they maintain strong communication with the community members to demonstrate their initiative and support.
Be transparent
High levels of transparency are required to foster a strong sense of community. This makes residents of the condominium feel more included and that their opinions are valued. Make sure you openly communicate board activities and invite residents to meetings whenever possible. This will create a bond between the board members and the community, which demonstrates they can trust you.

Organize social events
Residents enjoy living in a condominium community when they feel a shared sense of belonging. The easiest way to make this happen is to get people together as their own unique neighbourhood. It can often be difficult for board members and residents to have enough time to get to know each other one-on-one. Holding an event that welcomes everyone is a great way to overcome this. it. By being together, people will get to know each other and view their board as socially active and responsible.
Follow the rules
Lastly, always follow the rules. Remember it is a privilege to be involved in property management and to serve on a condominium board, so do not take advantage of your role. By following the rules of your community, you want your residents to take your policies seriously. You are held to a high standard as a board member, therefore you should always reinforce that standard by demonstrating leadership, professionalism and accountability.