Top Maintenance Tips For Your Rental Property


Property maintenance has to be consistent and the best way to keep your investment in order is to follow a maintenance schedule. Routinely inspecting and taking care of consistent problems will ensure you don’t develop into more serious and expensive problems. But, what should your property maintenance schedule look like?

Perform Maintenance Every Six Months

You should inspect your property every six months and perform a few different maintenance tasks, including:

  • Smoke detectors: Check that smoke detectors are operating, and change their batteries. Do the same for carbon monoxide detectors if your property has any.

  • Roof and gutters: Ensure that the gutters are free from debris and schedule a clean if necessary. Look at the roof to check for damaged shingles or flashing.

  • Attic: Another important place to check for leaks in the attic, which is the first place water will damage if it’s coming in through the shingles. If possible, schedule your inspection after a heavy rain so that leaks are more obvious.

  • Ceilings and walls: Interior water damage will look like discolouration, stains, or swollen and sunken spots on the ceiling or walls.

  • Lights: Check the exterior lights, and replace burnt out light bulbs. Broken lights are a safety risk.

  • Toilets and taps: Tenants will frequently ignore running toilets or dripping taps, but they can cost you a fortune in water bills. Flush the toilet and wait to see if it stops running. Turn every tap on and off to see if it leaks a bit afterwards.

  • Grout and caulking: Grout between bathroom tiles and caulking around windows are often skipped in cleaning schedules, and both can be expensive if they’ve worn away. Check your property’s caulking is clean and still flexible and soft. If it has dried out and cracked it needs to be replaced.

  • HVAC: Check that your filters and venting are clean. Filters should be changed at a minimum every year and vents should be cleaned out every other year to keep your heating and cooling systems running efficiently.

Before The Winter Season Arrives

Other routine maintenance tasks are best performed in the fall before winter arrives.

  • Gutters: This is the ideal time to schedule a gutter clean, though your gutters may need another clean in the spring.

  • Grass: The last grass trim is an important one.

  • Trimming and cleaning: Other yard maintenance tasks should be completed before winter arrives, like trimming bushes, collecting fallen leaves and broken branches.

  • Salt: Stock up on salt and other ice-fighting products before the first snowfall, so you’re not caught unprepared if winter arrives early.

  • HVAC: Turn on your property’s heating system before it gets too cold out. If it needs repairs you can get them done before the cold weather really sets in, and thereby avoid emergencies and steep repair fees.

Rental Property Management

When you leave, be sure to remind your tenants they should reach out to you once they notice a maintenance issue – no matter how small it may seem. If you need help with your maintenance routine Central Erin Property Management can take care of your property all year round. Request a property management proposal from us today!