Rental Property Marketing to Increase Leads


Investing in property management is a great way to add value to your investment property. The demand for housing is high and property prices are rapidly rising. With that said, it can be difficult to keep the public’s interest when you are competing with other rental properties.

A critical component of the rental marketing process is to keep potential tenants interested in your property. This way, when space opens up you will already have a solid following of interested tenants. Here’s how:

Build a Network

The fastest way to reach people is by building a network of potential tenants who are interested in the services you offer. As you meet people who are interested in your properties, consider asking them for their contact information or to sign up for an automated email newsletter.

This is an effective way to quickly access a dedicated group of potential tenants who are interested in an available unit. In the meantime, you can provide them with industry news and reading material in the form of a monthly newsletter to keep their interest. If you are having trouble finding the time to maintain your newsletter and update your content, consider investing in a professional service to help.

Strong Social Media Presence

Social media is currently one of the most popular avenues for marketing. Most people are constantly wrapped up in their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts making these the perfect spots to reach potential tenants.

Start a trendy social media account that allows people to easily find updates about your business and interesting information about rental properties. If you want to take a step toward more traditional marketing tools such as ad space, consider buying social media ads since they are guaranteed to receive more impressions and higher traffic.

Google Maps

When looking for a property to rent, most tenants refer to a program like Google Maps to do a local search. It is very important to have your business and properties appear on Google Maps in order to gain attention.

Online Reviews

Many people on the market for a new rental property tend to move to new areas and new management. This means that they frequently refer to online reviews about available properties. With the wide availability of online reviews, it is easy for people to gain a fairly comprehensive view of what a property is like without even visiting it. It is important to put an effort into maintaining your online reputation.

Of course, if you provide quality property management services you are more likely to receive positive reviews. However, if you’re noticing you don’t have a large online presence you should think about asking your current tenants to review their experience online and offer them an incentive in return. This effort will go a long way for your rental property marketing.

Today’s tenants are more digital-savvy than ever, it’s highly important to tap into online resources so you can connect with more potential clients. These marketing tactics are simple digital efforts that can improve your brand awareness and client sentiment. Contact CEPM or call (855) 839-3082 for a FREE consultation!