Attracting Rental Property Leads Using Instagram


According to CNBC, 800 million people are actively using Instagram. This makes it one of the leading social platforms in the world. With a highly visual experience, Instagram attracts its users by giving them a quick and interactive experience where they can look at pictures without doing a lot of reading. Ultimately, younger generations enjoy Instagram because rather than doing a lot of research or reading they can obtain everything they need to know through a picture or short video.

Many businesses have directed their marketing strategies to be compatible with highly visual experiences and have had great success using Instagram to draw more interest and customers. Property management is no exception. Here’s how to attract rental property leads using Instagram:

Use an adequate camera

Take photos of your property or a video tour and share the images and videos on Instagram. Depending on the type of property you are advertising, it is not necessarily a requirement to have professional photography. However, if you are trying to market a high-end property you’ll have more success with professional photos.

Capture the surroundings

While tenants are more interested in the house or unit being advertised, sharing photos of the surrounding area and neighbourhood can do wonders to pique interest. A general rule of thumb is the more photos the better! People never wished you showed them less, they frequently wish you showed them more. Take some extra time to capture what surrounds the property to make it a unique place to live. People respond well to character and design, and Instagram is a great way to capture it through photos and videos.

Stay consistent

While your personal Instagram may be a random compilation of food, family, pets and nature – it’s important to keep your Instagram business profile uniform. You can do this by consistently using the same style of photography, logos, applying the same filters and uploading frequently. When a potential tenant visits your business Instagram they’ll be presented with a uniform experience that will leave a professional and positive impression.


Hashtagging is a highly effective tool on Instagram, however this is only true if it is done correctly. There is nothing worse than using a collection of pointless hashtags. Do your research ahead of time and figure out what related hashtags are trending. Use hashtags that will redirect interested tenants to your other properties. Hashtagging is a great way to find new leads, as people often use hashtags to connect with property managers who they otherwise would not have found.

Instagram is a fantastic social media platform for marketing because it’s user-friendly for both beginners and experienced marketers. If you’re interested in more information or assistance, Central Erin Property Management is available to assist you with all your property management needs. Contact us today to work with one of our highly skilled professionals!