5 Fall Property Maintenance Tips


Are the items on your to-do-list piling up as quickly as the leaves outside? Fall does bring with it a lot of property maintenance tasks. Taking care of them all before the winter blows in will help keep your property in top condition and ensure its profitability.

At Central Erin Property Maintenance, we plan all our tasks well ahead of time and customize them to meet each property’s unique needs. If you’re not sure you’ve covered everything you need to do, here is a list of the basic fall maintenance tasks that need to be performed on every property.

1. Landscape Cleanup

Fall is beautiful, but it also means dead branches, fallen leaves and scraggly bushes that make your property look anything but pretty. It’s best to get all of this cleaned up not only to keep your property looking fresh but so that this landscaping debris doesn’t get stuck under the first layer of snow and turn into a spring hassle.

2. Gutter or Drain Cleanout

Landscaping debris can also create a problem in your gutters or if you have a flat roof, your drains. This is your last chance to clean out your roof and prevent clogs before the spring melt.

While you’re cleaning the roof, it’s a good time to perform other roof maintenance tasks. Have a professional inspect your roof and ensure it is in good condition. Proof the roof against animal infestation by closing up gaps and removing anything an animal may be attracted to over the winter, like bedding materials or food.

3. HVAC Switch Over

It’s time to switch from air conditioning to heating. When you do, it’s wise to arrange for yearly maintenance on both the air conditioner and the furnace. Have them both cleaned, their filters changed, and their parts examined by your HVAC professional.

Also, it’s a wise idea to test the furnace by turning it on a few weeks before you think you’ll need it. That way, if it needs repairs or replacement you have plenty of time to arrange for it. The last thing you want is to get urgent calls from your tenants that the heat isn’t working when it’s freezing out.   

4. Winterize Outdoor Amenities

Do you have an outdoor pool on the property? Maybe patio furniture, a barbeque, or other outdoor amenities? It’s time to store or winterize them before they get damaged in the cold weather.

While you’re tucking things away, it may be time to organize your storage. You likely have a shed on your property or off-site storage with extra supplies or furniture. Why not take the time to make it a little easier to find things in there?

5. Gather Winter Supplies

If you handle winter snow removal yourself, it’s best to be sure you still have enough salt or sand to cover your property for the season. However, chances are, you have a vendor handle this. Talk to your vendor to make sure they’re still on board for the winter season and that you have a plan in case of serious snowstorms.

Need Help with Property Maintenance?

Are you too busy to handle your fall property maintenance this year? There’s a lot to accomplish, but at Central Erin Property Maintenance we have an efficient plan to tackle it all. Reach out to us for a free property proposal.