How to Manage A Crisis On Your Property


The daily management of your property can be suddenly sidetracked by an emergency event, from a robbery to flooding or even a health crisis. These events are rare, but they can happen to even the smallest properties. The larger your building, the more likely emergencies are.

It’s critical to be prepared for an emergency before it occurs. Here’s what you can do to limit the impact of an emergency before it happens and while it’s ongoing.

1. Be Available

Even those property owners who have a single tenant need to be available for that tenant’s emergencies 24/7. Emergencies do tend to happen when they are least convenient, from Christmas mornings to the middle of your vacation.

It’s important to have either a separate line for emergencies, or to always have access to your business phone. If you plan on being unavailable, you need to hire someone to respond to your tenant’s needs. Remember, if a tenant has an emergency and cannot reach you, you may be held liable for what happens.

2. Have a Plan Beforehand

There are some emergencies that you can prepare for ahead of time. Your building should have, at bare minimum, a fire emergency route and an evacuation plan. You should gain the assistance of qualified consultants to make these emergency plans.

You should also consider what you would do or who you would contact in these situations. Do you have a plumbing contact for serious leaks? Do you have a pest control contact in case a wild or dangerous animal finds their way into the property?

3. Contact Emergency Services

Many emergency situations will require response from police, fire, or ambulance. When in doubt, call 9-1-1 for your tenant. Don’t assume that they have done it. Remember that emergency responders would rather arrive at a situation that doesn’t require them than not be called to a situation that they could have helped with.

It’s also important to consider that you may be liable if you don’t contact emergency services when they are needed. Don’t make the mistake of believing that you or those you’ve hired can handle a life-threatening situation.

4. Hire a Public Relations Expert

Once you’ve protected your tenants and property, it’s time to protect your reputation. Large emergency situations will attract media attention, and it’s easy to hurt your building’s reputation in the wake of such an event.

Have a contact at a public relations firm who will be ready to step in and make statements to the media when needed. Public relations firms can be available on short notice if they are already familiar with your business and property.

Property Management in Emergencies

It can be challenging for property owners to be available for emergencies 24/7, or to have a public relations company and other emergency contacts at the ready. At Central Erin Property Management we can take care of your emergency properly, without risking your building’s reputation and without you having to lift a finger. Reach out to us for a property proposal today.