9 Spring Property Management Tips to Follow this Season


As the weather warms, property managers know the time of spring maintenance is near. After the snow melts and the grass becomes green again, a few tasks around your property need to be completed - from mowing the grass to inspecting the sidewalk.

You’ll spend most of your time focusing on outdoor maintenance tasks, but there are some indoor tasks that can really benefit the property if you make time for them this spring. Which tasks should you prioritize? Here’s our spring property maintenance checklist and some tips to help you make your property look the best this year.

Exterior Spring Maintenance

Spring may be the time of year where your property looks the worst but it doesn’t have to be. The melting snow tends to leave things in disarray, from patches in the grass to cracks in the sidewalk. You need to get these issues fixed before the state of the property starts to make an impression on your tenants and prospective tenants, so time is of the essence!

Here are some of the key tasks to accomplish a well-maintained exterior this spring:

  • Remove debris from landscaping: Melting snow often reveals litter and leftover leaves.

  • Mow lawn and trim plants: Most property managers mow their lawn too late in the spring. Don’t let it become scraggly, as grass is strong and thrives under early mowing.

  • Inspect sidewalk and parking lot: Cracks in stone, interlocking, asphalt and concrete are best dealt with early, as they will only grow over time. An early spring inspection will reduce your overall maintenance costs.

  • Check on windows and doors: As the weather warms, wooden doors and window frames shrink and cause old caulking to fall off. Replace the caulking quickly to prevent water damage.

  • Plant flowers: Once the risk of frost has passed, plant flowers to brighten up your property. If you planted spring bulbs last fall they will come up early and without any intervention from you.

  • Power washing: Siding, sidewalks, front steps and driveways can all use a spring power wash to remove grime. You may be surprised at how much a good wash improves the look of your property.

Interior Spring Property Management

While your property’s curb appeal should be your first concern in the spring, you also need to make time for a handful of interior property maintenance tasks that will make the upcoming summer much easier.

  • Check on your HVAC system: In particular, make sure your air conditioner will be ready to perform come summertime.

  • Look for moisture: As the warm weather returns, humidity rises. It’s the perfect time to make sure condensation and moisture levels aren’t causing problems on your property.

  • Test the fire system: Now is a smart time to schedule your fire alarm testing, once it’s nice enough that tenants can stand comfortably outside.

Property Management from Central Erin Property Management

Too busy to get everything done this spring? It might be time to have a property management company take the wheel. Central Erin Property Management has the knowledge, skill and experience to manage your property for the best profitability and to maintain its value. Reach out to us today for a property management proposal.