Condo rules

An Airbnb recent court decision provides significant power for condominium boards in dealing with short term rentals

In a case that was released on December 8, 2016, Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Beaudoin found that Airbnb operators were essentially running a business out of their residential dwellings in contradiction of the framework of rules set up in most condominiums. 

Sorry, that's not allowed

Whether you are new to condominium living, or have been a long term resident in a townhouse or high rise, you will have likely heard these four dreaded words from your condominium property manager: “Sorry, that’s not allowed.” There are benefits to be had, but there are also compromises to be made with living in a condominium. 

Five easy ways to enhance security at your condo or townhouse complex

Typically, security is a topic that only gets attention and consideration after an event has taken place. A strong understanding of the potential risks, before they occur is a key element in developing a professional property management system that focusing on prevention over reaction.

CMHC — Condominium Basics

Condominium living can be an appealing housing option. It’s often affordable and someone else handles much of the maintenance and repairs, such as shovelling snow and replacing the roof. Many condominiums have enhanced security features over those found in single-family houses and offer a wide range of social, entertainment and recreational activities.

However, purchasers should be aware — before they buy — of the many issues and considerations surrounding the purchase of, and the lifestyle in, a condominium. Condominium ownership is very different from owning a home under traditional fee simple tenure. This section of the Guide will help you better understand this unique form of ownership and prepare you for successful condominium living.