How to Build a Strong Resident Communication Platform


A key part of property management lies in developing a sense of trust and community among building staff and residents. Building a resident communication platform that resonates with all building members helps foster long-term relationships and resident retention. Here are our top tips for building a strong resident communication platform:

Foster a strong sense of community, both digitally and in person.

Cultivating a strong sense of community among residents is a key aspect of effective property management. This might mean creating a private Facebook group, or hosting seasonal parties or events for residents to mingle. Another way is providing periodic resident perks, such as free coffee days, whereby residents can meet in the lobby or conference room and get to know one another. Simple gestures go a long way in creating authentic relationships between building members and staff.  

Provide residents with a forum to voice their opinion.

Openness and transparency are an important part of property management. It’s important to encourage your residents to voice their opinions, comments, criticisms, or feedback about building amenities, future renovation projects, and management. Creating a space for residents to express themselves is key in ensuring they feel valued and engaged while building a sense of trust. As well, it also helps increase resident retention as they can collaborate and be a part of property decisions. Be sure to take into consideration the demographic of your building when determining the best medium through which to encourage communication. If your building is home to a diverse cross-section of residents, try to implement a variety of ways in which they can voice their opinion. This may include an anonymous suggestion box, an online poll, or simply encouraging email feedback in your newsletter.

Ensure information and updates are delivered with minimal inconvenience.

Research has shown that close to half of residents tend to prefer receiving building news such as bylaw updates, upcoming maintenance, security alerts,  and community events through text message. While some building members may prefer bulletin notices, having flyers slipped under their door, or in person contact, many prefer to be notified digitally. It’s important to get a sense of what your residents prefer so you can deliver information in a way that accords with their preferences.

Take advantage of new resident communication technologies.

Property management should consistently strive to make resident life as seamless as possible. Many new communication technologies geared towards apartment and condominium residents can make life easier for both building members and staff. There are applications which employ pre-recorded tours to allow prospective residents to view units remotely which can really help out residents moving from far distances, and others which provide updates about rent payment due dates and utility costs. You can also develop your own strategies, such as creating an online group for residents to sell furniture to other building members.

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