Condo Directors: New Four-Step Training for Success

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Property management is a growing and crucial field in Canada. Ensuring that property management is done well is critical to keeping residents happy, not to mention in helping property owners improve bottom lines and achieve greater financial success. With home prices escalating across metropolitan areas, trends have shown that increased numbers of people are moving into condominiums (including families), which raises the need for strong property management at these locations.

That’s where the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) comes in. The CAO is an organization created to provide information and assistance for the condominium industry. They are currently working on designing and implementing a training program for condominium directors.

You can learn more about the CAO and their director training program by continuing below or visiting the CAO website.

What is the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO)?

Recently established, the CAO is a “legislative authority created to improve condominium living in Ontario”. The CAO provides services to condo owners to protect them, and they provide information to ensure owners and residents understand their rights and responsibilities.

The CAO also offers training for directors and resources for resolving issues. Ultimately, the CAO is committed to ensuring consumer protection and fostering healthy communities within condos across the province.

What is the Director Training Program?

The CAO has very recently initiated an exciting training program for condo directors and board members. The CAO recognizes that condo directors play a crucial role in the operational capacity and community quality of condo corporations and this training is designed to provide condominium directors with training about “their responsibilities and legal obligations.”

To kick off this training program, the CAO is offering four free training modules in order to test the program and receive feedback. Mandatory training will follow in the future.

Module One: The Fundamentals of Condominium Living

This module is designed to provide general information about what a condominium is and how it operates, including how they are created

Module Two: The Legal Framework Governing Condominiums

Within this module, course participants will get an overview of key legal and operational documents for condominiums. Participants will learn about various rules and bylaws pertaining to condominiums and better understand important pieces of legislation.

Module Three: The Role of Directors and Their Key Responsibilities

What are the role and responsibilities of a condominium director? This module details their obligations and the governance principles that steer their leadership. Election processes and procedures for the board of directors are also covered

Module Four: Effective Leadership – Creating Strong Condominium Communities

 How do you fostering and maintain positive relationships with individuals at various levels of involvement within a condominium? This module covers strategies for various stakeholders, including owners, board members, managers, and residents. This module covers how to build strong and inclusive condominium communities.

Each of these modules can be completed in a maximum of twenty minutes! Get started today and begin improving your condominium community through improved condominium property management services.