Avoid Holiday Fires in Your Rental Property


The holiday season brings out the best in tenants and building owners alike, which is why it’s important to work together to reduce the risks of a holiday fire. Unfortunately, fires are more common this time of year, partly due to cooking holiday meals and décor choices.

How can you ensure your tenants stay safe? Here are our tips to avoid a holiday fire in your property.

Lobby Décor Tips

If you’re getting into the holiday spirit making a lobby or shared space in your property festive for your tenants, there are a few rules you should follow to prevent fires:

  • Don’t stand trees where they can block a fire exit or near heat-creating elements, like vents, fireplaces, and stoves

  • Don’t hang wreaths across fire exit doors, internal doors or fire extinguishers

  • Choose décor that has been rated for fire safety, or that is labeled as fire retardant

  • Refrain from using real candles on the tree, artificial candles are much safer

  • Choose lights that are tested for fire safety

  • Connect no more than three strands of lights to each outlet

  • Choose fresh trees and keep them watered, so they do not dry out and drop their needles

  • If you do not have 24/7 staff in your lobby, have them turn off the lights before they leave

  • Quickly replace any burnt out Christmas bulbs

  • Do not use light stands with frayed wires or which put off sparks

  • Place outdoor décor well out of the way of sidewalks and exits

  • Remove your décor quickly after the season is over, as dried out décor poses more of a fire risk.

Tenant Décor Tips

You don’t want to needlessly restrict the décor your tenants put up, but there are some ways you can help them make safe holiday décor decisions. You can compile all of the above tips into a helpful newsletter for your tenants, so they are empowered to choose fire-safe holiday décor.

You can also go above and beyond to prevent the risk of fire in a few other ways:

  • Post notices near fire escapes and fire extinguishers that restrict décor in the area

  • Remind tenants of where their fire extinguishers are in the case they witness a fire

  • Remind tenants to notify you of any electrical problems (which they are more likely to find this time of year, as they are using more outlets than normal)

  • Hold regular fire drills so tenants will be ready in case of a fire

  • Tell tenants when they can expect the municipality to pick up their used Christmas tree.

Holiday Property Maintenance

At Central Erin Property Management, we can take the weight of holiday property maintenance off your shoulders. Owners and board members will love our attention to detail, whether it’s preventing holiday fires, or caring for the small, often-forgotten (but important) details of property maintenance. Reach out to us today for your property management proposal.