Winter Property Management Tips for Your Rental Property


At Central Erin Property Management, we have a lot of experience preparing our properties for the frigid Canadian winters. This winter is supposed to be colder than normal, which is why now is a good time to ensure you’ve covered everything your property will require this winter:

1. Plan Ahead for Snow and Ice Removal

If you wait until the first snowfall, the majority of road salt will be sold out and snow removal companies will be booked. It’s critical to stock up on salt beforehand, and request a snow removal company to care for your parking lot or sidewalk well ahead of winter. Also, look into your local codes and bylaws, as you may have a legal responsibility to have your sidewalks and driveways clear of snow at a certain time after the snow stops falling..

2. Maintain Your HVAC System

Providing your tenants with heat might be the most important winter responsibility you have. It’s imperative to ensure your furnace can function even at full capacity all winter long. Have HVAC professionals inspect and maintain your system yearly, ideally in the fall before the cold weather arrives. That way, if a problem does arise, you have time to make adjustments without paying for a completely new furnace system.

3. Care For Your Pipes

In our cold Canadian winters, a property’s pipes can become damaged quickly. Exterior pipes like those for sprinkler systems should be drained of water and completely shut off using your home’s internal valves. If they need to run while it’s cold out, you can winterize them to prevent damage. On the coldest nights, internal pipes may need to run to prevent freezing.

4. Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon monoxide leaks are more likely to happen in late fall when gas appliances are turned on. So, it’s a good time of the year to check the carbon monoxide and fire alarms to ensure their batteries are full and in good working order. It’s also wise to check your property’s fire extinguishers to see if they’re unused and not expired.

5. Inspect Windows and Doors

If your property’s windows and doors have broken seals, be prepared for inefficient heating patterns and higher bills. When hot air escapes, it becomes more expensive to keep your property heated. Check for signs of damage or drafts, specifically dried out sealant, a strong indication your windows and doors need repair.

6. Check The Roof

Before the snow starts to fall, clean up any debris on the roof so it won’t pile up or cause mold. If your property has gutters, this is a good time of year to give them a final cleaning. If your building has a flat roof, check that debris hasn’t collected around the roof drains or caused a clog in the drainage pipes.

If you’re only halfway through your winter property maintenance list, it might be time to hand it over to someone else. Central Erin Property Management can ensure your property is always well taken care of, no matter the season. Contact us for more information or a  free comprehensive property maintenance proposal.