How To Solve Difficult Problems with Tenants


No matter how great a judge of character you are or how thorough you are when screening lease candidates, a landlord is bound to run across at least one bad tenant in their time. The best way to pursue any issue is with a calm demeanour, stay within legal parameters and get professional help if you need it.

Know Your Rights

According to government regulations, both landlords and tenants have a list of rights. Educate and make yourself familiar with what these regulations and statutes entail. For example, a landlord has a right to evict a tenant if they have not kept up their part of their rental agreement, or if they have broken the rules of their living space after warnings have been issued. A proper timeline must then be given to vacate until a notice of eviction. If the tenants disagree with this notice, they have a right to file an application and have a hearing with the Landlord and Tenant Board.


Nobody wants to get the law involved if they don’t have to. That’s why communication can be essential in solving issues before they get too far out of hand. Most problems can be settled with a simple conversation. Try and arrange a meeting to discuss the issue to clear the air.

If the problem is with multiple tenants, arrange to have the meeting in a neutral location and make sure to give all parties equal time to freely speak their issues. Face-to-face is always best to deal with emergencies or larger issues. Over the phone would suffice for less immediate concerns, but definitely avoid email and text, as it’s much easier to misinterpret an issue through these communication platforms.

Act Quick, Stay Calm

If you have a pressing concern, deal with it immediately. You don’t want it to fester or elevate out of control. Repairs, bed bugs, insect infestations or tenant issues need to be dealt with as swiftly as possible to avoid the problem from escalating.

You may be frustrated with a tenant, but anger doesn’t help the situation. Stay calm and express your concerns without yelling or an angry tone, as this can easily intensify the problem. Also, keep in mind what outcome you want to achieve. Whether it’s getting something fixed or having the tenant removed, if you go into any situation with a planned end goal, you’ll be able to approach the situation with composure and professionalism.

Use a Property Management Group

As a landlord, you do have a support service that can be utilized. Property management groups offer 24-hour protection and peace of mind. They have a team of employees that deal with administrative processes, code of conduct, and contingency plans to resolve emergencies, as well as other common issues associated with tenants.

Property management groups, such as Central Erin Property Management (CEPM), are a key advantage in dealing with difficult issues involving tenants, no matter when or where they arise. At CEPM, we are a business resource for landlords who require professional help dealing with the intricacies and details of property management. We offer stress-free property management that will make your life easier. Contact us today to see how we can help you.