How to Efficiently Market Vacant Properties for Rent


Time is a precious resource in property management, especially when you have a vacant property on your hands. You want to make sure to market your properties as efficiently as you can, generating top-quality leads to fill the spot quickly. Here’s how:

High Quality Photography

Most people begin their search for their next rental by looking at online listings. The more information you provide a potential renter on your listing, the higher quality leads you will generate. If you post only one photo of your property, you’re not giving potential renters enough information to intrigue them, never mind easing any hesitations about the property or encouraging them to get in touch with you for a showing. 
Instead, take 14 x 24 pictures of your rental property, covering every space, including storage spaces, parking spots, and the exterior of the building. Make sure the photos are clear and well-lit to give the potential renter a view of each part of the property.
While you want to avoid showing large flaws in pictures, it’s important not to misrepresent the property. Being honest in your listing is the best way to attract people who will seriously consider your rental property. Keep in mind, if the impression your listing gives doesn’t match the reality of the property, you’ll lose a potential renter and online trust.
A great way to ensure your listing reflects the property is to offer a video tour. A simple smartphone quality video can give interested parties a real feel for the space before they step through the front doors. It doesn’t have to be a long video, 2-3 minutes is more than enough time to showcase the space.

Focus on the Facts

In both commercial and residential property management, you should describe the property in plain and factual language. Renters have a list of requirements and the faster you can confirm to them that the property fits their requirements, the better response your ad will get.
Consider the following snippet from a listing: “Stunning two bedroom, lots of light, tastefully updated kitchen, on a quiet street.” All of these adjectives set expectations that the property may, or may not, be able to fulfil.
Instead, a better start to your listing would be: “Two bedrooms, hardwood floors, new appliances and countertop, parking space included, no pets.” This listing gives more information and will catch the eye of people who are looking for any of these features much faster than the first.
Flowery language doesn’t just waste time, it may also create a false impression. Descriptors like “charming,” “warm,” or “welcoming” mean different things to different people. The kitchen you think of as warm may feel overwhelming, or simply plain to other people. Just let your pictures or videos set the expectations for beauty.

Don’t Exaggerate Features

Lastly, be sure you don’t exaggerate the property’s features. Potential renters will see the truth quickly when they visit. You’ll end up holding more viewings, but you won’t find qualified renters any faster. Instead, you’ll be wasting your time when you could be focusing on other aspects of property management.

The best marketing tool you have is honesty. At Central Erin Property Management, we have the necessary tools and marketing team to help you find qualified renters quickly. Contact CEPM or call (855) 839-3082 for a FREE consultation!