5 Photography Tips to Improve Your Rental Listings


Taking high-quality images of a property has become a key aspect of property management. Few of us were born with a professional photographer’s eye, but a few tricks can make your photos and property stand out!

1. Clean the Clutter

It’s hard for potential tenants to look past the clutter from a current client to see the space beneath. Ideally, it’s best to work with images of the space when it’s empty. But, when that’s not possible, simply ask the tenant to temporarily remove clutter while you take photos of the space.

If you can take images of the property when it’s vacant, be sure you’re taking them after you’ve cleaned the space. Cleanliness is one of the most important factors for potential renters and you want to be sure they see the space at it’s best.

2. Set the Stage

Just as it’s difficult for people to look past the clutter, it can be even more demanding to imagine their furniture in an empty space. Empty rooms will look smaller and plainer than they would with even a few pieces of furniture in them. You can hire a professional staging company to fill an empty space, or you can bring in a few pieces yourself. Staging doesn’t have to be dramatic. In fact, a minimalist space will look brightest and cleanest.

3. Think About Lighting

You can’t forget about lighting if you want to take an appealing picture. Start on a sunny day and open up blinds and shades to allow for as much natural light as possible. You can also use lamps strategically to brighten up dark spaces. Make sure the pictures are bright enough to show off all of the space’s features. Plus, bright rooms look bigger and more welcoming.

4. Take Some More Shots

It doesn’t take much time to snap a few more photos. Often times when you review the images you’ll see something you didn’t notice before when you were taking the pictures. So, it’s always better to have a few more photos to work with. Be sure to take these pictures from a few different angles to compare the layout and features. It should take you at least roughly 30 minutes to complete photographing an entire apartment - for larger properties, expect it to take a bit longer.

5. Edit The Photos

You should definitely run through your images using an editing software tool before you post them online. You don’t want to do anything drastic, but you may want to adjust the brightness of the photos, remove any personal items, or fix harsh glares and sunspots.

If you aren’t happy with the photos you take, you can always hire a professional photographer. Many specialize in taking pictures for rental property listings. There’s always an advantage to hiring professionals. At Central Erin Property Management (CEPM) we can offer professional help for all aspects of property management - including marketing your rental property for new tenants. Contact us for a FREE consultation on how we can help!