Condo upgrades that pay off

condo upgrades to floor

Whether you are planning to move in to a new condo or looking to invest more in your existing home, you may want to consider which upgrades will translate into more net value, whether you are staying or selling.

With so many finishes and upgrades in the marketplace today, plan your space wisely, and follow some of these tried and tested tips, before you break the bank.

1. Replace your carpet. Most are not in favour of carpet. It gets dirty, easily stains and is not very pet friendly. Carpet tends to be conducive to allergies. You are better off with a laminate or even better, hardwood. Upgrading your counters is a quick and cheerful way to add splash to your existing kitchen or bring a standard kitchen up a few notches. Laminate counters are dated. Opt for granite or quartz as a way to instantly boost your kitchen or bathroom.

2. Never underestimate the value of well positioned lighting. If you want to see a room come together, add some pot lights, wall sconces or even some well-placed floor or table lights. It’s truly amazing how much impact light will bring to most spaces.

3. Similar to lighting, hardware and fixtures can be a cost effective way to provide a modern look. Faucets, handles and hardware for your kitchen and bathroom vanities are upgrade options that don’t have to eat up your budget, and are a great way to make ordinary look custom.

4. One of the most common complaints in condominiums is a lack of storage. Any extra storage space is a blessing. Best way to achieve more, is through built-in storage units and closet organizers. This helps max out your existing space, keeping the rest of your condo neat and tidy.

Remember, before you start any project, check with your condo’s declarations and rules first, and speak with your condominium property management company, as many buildings have a process that the board has approved which may need to be followed.

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