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Ways to live a happier life – Condo Living

These days, the word “downsizing” brings to mind tough economic times and layoffs.

But when it comes to your life, downsizing can actually make you happy! By making the move to a condo property, typically there is a sizable reduction in your livable space.

Does your condo have restrictions for decorating at Christmas?

It’s that time of year, when the snow starts to fall, you can see your breath in the cold winter air, and Christmas carols fill the radio stations and malls. Before you start to decorate your balcony with a string of your favourite sparkling lights, or cut down a tree, best to check your condominium bylaws, declarations and rules, and consult with your condominium property management company.

A guide to owning a condo – The Reserve Fund

So you have made the decision to purchase a condo, and beyond the traditional excitement and anxiety that comes with any major life change, there are some fundamental aspects that you must understand before signing on the bottom line, specifically the financial condition of the condo corporation, with regard to the reserve fund.


Many condo owners have a misconception that they don’t need household insurance, because it is covered by the corporation through their common expenses payment made each month. All condominium corporations must carry insurance on the building, and this policy should be available to every owner. This policy, however, does not cover everything, and in some instances, deductibles can be quite high.