Five Easy Ways to Enhance Your Condo Security

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Typically, security is a topic that only gets attention and consideration after an event has taken place. A strong understanding of the potential risks, before they occur is a key element in developing a professional property management system that focuses on prevention over reaction. The first steps, however, start with the residents.

Take the challenge and see how safe you and your building is through this quick and easy check list. You would be surprised what you find out about your building's level of safety, and yours.

1. Entrance Doors

Whether you have a concierge, or security guards, part of the security rests with the residents.

By getting to know your neighbours, unfamiliar faces will soon start to stand out. Take the time to say hello, and make the introduction. If they are visiting, they should be buzzed in, but if they are a resident, what a great way to make a new introduction.

2. Garage Doors

Whether you are travelling in or out of the complex, keep an eye on vehicles which are entering, without the use of a fob or other device. It’s easy to drive off without another thought, but take a few minutes to look back, and report any suspicious activity to your manager. Being proactive may help eliminate a problem from occurring in the first place.

3. Lighting

Remove those dark, dimly lit areas of your property, which may allow robbers and intruders from sneaking around. Hallways, stairwells, entrances and parking garages are all great places to ensure lighting is fully illuminated and working properly. Anything out of the ordinary, report it immediately to your manager.

4. Vacation

If you will be away for extended period of time, ensure that you have someone that comes to your place on a regular basis, checks in on things, picks up your mail, and ensures there are no flyers lying about. A busy community translates into many eyes.

5. Locks

Keep your home safe and secure. Keep your door locked at all times, and use your peephole to see who is knocking before you open your door. Lock your balcony door. Use a bar to keep sliding doors from being easily pried open.

These easy steps should be used in connection with other property management systems and technical options that are available to your condominium corporation. Check with your manager to better understand what safety systems are in place at your building, and ask how you can get involved.