condo faq

Can my Condominium send the AGM Package by Email?

The industry has long held that delivery of any documents relating to the corporation, must be in the form specified by the owner, and in compliance with the Act. Translated, a hard copy, mailed to the registered owner at the unit address, unless the owner has provided an alternate mailing address.

Does the perfect tenant exist?

Before you choose on renting the unit out yourself, or hiring a professional, such as a real estate agent, ensure the condominium’s rules and regulations will allow for a rental by speaking with the condominium property manager, as some condo’s may restrict the quantity of rentals allowed in a building.

Five Easy Ways to Enhance Your Condo Security

Typically, security is a topic that only gets attention and consideration after an event has taken place. A strong understanding of the potential risks, before they occur is a key element in developing a professional property management system that focusing on prevention over reaction.